Know the Two Types of Trade Unions

If you are a worker, then you should join facket, because you have to be able to know what you have to accept as a right and what are the obligations that you have to run. Being a worker will also make you not alone when something bad happens. You can also find out what steps you should take next if something bad happens to you and the treatment is done by the company.

The union itself also has a binding structure so that the union can run well. The movement of workers has developed a multilevel organizational structure. Each level has its own management and how to manage its own affairs. In addition, trade unions also have two types. The two types referred to here are

– Local trade unions
For individual members of trade unions, this is the most important level in an organized worker structure. Through local, employees relate to employers on a daily basis. The organization can be the center of organization and political activities of its members.

– National unions
The strongest level in the structure of trade unions is national trade unions. It consists of local unions bound to it. Every local trade union provides financial support to national unions based on the size of their membership.

One of the attractions of this union is the level of leadership. If you find it difficult to enter a higher level, in a company, then the union offers that. Some people want a leadership role but it is not always easy for an operating employee to step into management. A union of workers has a leadership level that starts with a union steward and each member has the opportunity to develop himself. That way, someone who is part of a working union will be able to develop and develop their personalities and competencies. This will be a plus for him someday.