Embroidery has evolved from time to time from its use to the type of embroidery known today. Manually embroidered services or with the power of machines and computers show how embroidery is something that many people are looking for and needs. Manual embroidery business offers a variety of artwork that is not only beautiful but worth a lot because its work is made directly by human hands. While computer embroidery provides an opportunity to facilitate the work of everyone to get good and perfect embroidery results for various needs. Apart from that, you may need to take a look at the reliable embroidery columbia sc as well.

In the world of embroidery itself, it turns out there are various types of embroidery known in various engineering workmanship. Embroidery itself is born of many working techniques that certainly gives mixed results.

Cross stitch

Sometimes there is a distinction between cross stitches and embroidery, but in fact, they are two things in common. Cross stitch is a type of embroidery that uses a cross stitch to create a real design. Using cross stitch can be done even on cloth that has waves. Because of the cross-stitching shape, the created design will have a pixel-like appearance.


Crewelwork is an embroidery produced with two woolen threads. Actually, this type of embroidery has been known for a long time since the middle. Many works are created with this crew technique.


Can also be called a thread painting, a technique for creating a real image on a cloth by using a needle. Combining various long and short punctures should be done to produce the perfect detail on the design. Lots of people who use this one embroidery technique because the result will make the logo image more clear on the design of uniform or other design that is decorative.


Stumpwork is sticking pieces of previous embroidered fabrics on the fabric you want to decorate to create a three-dimensional impression. Not necessarily shaped design drawings, today many people embroidered the logo or name-tags in the form of small embroidery which is then affixed back to the cloth to be used.

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