The tattoo is a wound puncture made deep into the skin, filled with ink. Currently, tattoos are widely used by various people. Starting from ordinary people to famous artists. The reason they make the tattoo is also varied, depending on the purpose of each. The location of the tattoo is also not limited to the back or arms, and some even make a tattoo on the neck. To treat the tattoo to last a long time, they have their own way. One example is using tattoo ointments for care. This method is used right after tattooing is done.

In addition to using tattoo ointments for care, there are various ways that need to be done so that the tattoo is not damaged after it is made. What are they?

– When you remove the bandage, do it gently with the bandage slowly peeling. Pour cold water between skin and gauze. Make sure that you do not tuck your tattoo under the full power of the faucet.

– After the loose bandage, wash the tattoo very softly with your fingertips. Use mild or other lightweight antibacterial soaps free of deodorant soaps, skin softeners, or other additives.

– After cleaning the tattoo, rinse with cold water gently for a few minutes. Some tattoo artists believe that cold water helps a more pervasive color.

– Gently pat with a dry towel. Let the air dry completely after patting with a towel

– Apply an over-the-counter ointment based on water or oil to the cleansed area. Do not use an ointment containing zinc because it can cause adverse reactions. Too many ointments will increase the bacteria, they can make a bad risk while growing there. Oxygen is essential for the natural healing of tattoos. If you do not apply enough will cause the area to dry, cracked and bleeding. Rub the ointment into the skin with a good amount.

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