How to Make Archery Targets

In the past, archery was used for hunting and fighting, but in the present, archery has become a sport of shooting accuracy. Whatever your reasons for learning archery, we will explain some tips and techniques that can be applied so you can shoot targets right in the middle in a short time. You can visit our website to get the best replacement string for Tenpoint crossbow.

There are many objects that can be used as arrow targets, such as straw stacks, thick styrofoam layers, or hill slopes. But most of these targets wear out quickly or make arrows damaged. Spend two hours outside of archery to make “durable” arrow targets that can last a minimum of several years. To make a target quickly and easily moved, just put packing materials into a box.

– Look for a large cardboard box. This cardboard must have at least 30 cm thick so the arrows do not pass through the target, or 46 cm thick if you use high-speed arrows or high-weight arrows. The other dimensions are up to your wishes, but children and beginners usually use targets with a size of 46 x 46 cm.

– Insert the plastic wrap (shrink wrap) or plastic bag into the cardboard. You can get unused plastic wrap in stores. Ask the store clerk, and maybe you can get it for free. Fill a cardboard box with foam or plastic bag. Imprint in as many cardboard boxes as possible.

– Cover the box tightly with duct tape. The box seal thoroughly uses duct tape or masking tape. You just made an arrow target made of cheap or free materials.

– Test the target. Test the target in an open area that is not used by people to go by. Shoot from a distance closer than usual, to ensure that the box is safe to use. If an arrow can penetrate a target, use a larger box and make sure you have compressed the contents.

– When shooting a target, always use a field point arrow (straight pointed tip). The aim of the arrow can be damaged if you use broadhead arrowheads (specifically for hunting, with the arrow tip having a kind of blooming hook).