Yes, each of you has the freedom to choose the best Dog Gift Baskets, by which you choose the toys as the contents of the basket. However, it doesn’t mean you will buy it more and more, right? It can be a great idea to supervise anytime your dog plays with its toys.

When buying the toys for the loved pet, especially dog, you may consider few things due to some reasons. Some can be durable, but dogs do not really like it. Some dogs really like it, but even destroyed by them. So, how? Rarely, think dogs can “take care” the doll remains intact and lasts longer, even throughout their lifetime.

University of Bristol researchers tried to uncover a dog’s view of toys. From the study, it was found that dogs preferred toys with a very short lifespan. In other words, the toys they can play for hours, or even minutes! It’s a bitter reality for dog owners because they can not scold dogs when they spoil newly purchased toys.

The reason dogs tear toys is they like playing into “wolves” predators, as their instincts. Where they will hunt for prey, pounce, then tear it apart. If the target has been torn and scattered, the dog will feel incomparably satisfied. Well, on the other hand, the dog owner strokes his chest because the toy has just been bought, and the price is not cheap.

Introducing toys by involving themselves playing with them will make dogs understand that toys are not “prey” that must always be torn and destroyed. Dogs can recognize a toy is a toy, not a prey. So they “take care of him” and the toys will last longer. Although one day they have a toy that is easily destroyed though. One more thing, dog owners can be more frugal to buy toys

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