How to keep your baby feels safe and comfortable most of the time

Always pay attention to the baby’s needs, both physical and psychic. For example by giving exclusive breastfeeding as well as providing drink or food according to the stage of his age. You may think to feed your baby first before you do any activity with him or her, such as playing, chatting, or even when taking photos by hiring the professional Newborn Photography.

Even if both parents work, can still establish closeness with the baby. Take time before leaving for work or after work. Take advantage of these minutes to qualify, by nurturing them directly, not by babysitters. For example, change the wet diapers because of pee or pup, bathing, reading books, and so forth.

Diligently invite him to play while giving the stimulation of physical motion according to age for the growth on time. Can be with a variety of games and tools available at home. With optimal stimulation, your baby can grow well.

Never forget to say hello, invite chatting, give hugs, caresses, and hugs kiss affection from mother’s father.

Perform routine control to the doctor as the fulfillment of his right to get physical and psychological health. While at the doctor, your child will get immunization and monitoring of growth, start weight weighing, measuring height, head circumference, to the extent of development capabilities that have been achieved.

Compact mom dad creates a comfortable environment, no noise, cool, and so on. Also determined to live in harmony so that it always displays positive emotions at home.

At the time together, the mother did not hesitate to make an effort that can make your baby relax, like doing a baby massage. Generally, after a massage, the baby will sleep soundly due to the release of sleep hormone/melatonin. Sleep patterns so regular. He was not easy to fuss because he was comfortable with the conditions he experienced. He can also drink milk or eat with gusto. That way, his endurance was good so hopefully not easy to get sick. Through infant massage, closeness or bonding with the mother is also more closely intertwined. Mom can learn baby massage from various sources, from books, magazines, to the internet.