How To Choose The Best Tire

Choosing a car Pneus by the tire tread pattern is very important to ensure that this object is still fit in the owner’s vehicle. Why is that? Because the tire tread pattern is very influential on the acceleration and maneuvering of the car. If the friction is small, the risk of slipping or slipping on the road will be greater. The worse result is that it can cause accidents. Choosing a car tire with a V groove is the best. Because the tread with V grooves has high friction against the surface of the ground so that the traction of the car is certainly very good. Besides, with the rainy season and often wet roads, this pattern will be able to maintain the position of tires and vehicles balanced and stable. This type of tire is usually priced at a more expensive price but its safety is guaranteed.

Car tire thickness is also needed to be considered. When you decide to choose a thick car tire, automatically balance and performance can go up. Conversely, without a good profile (thickness), performance can be greatly reduced. The price of a high profile tire is a little more expensive, but the comparison is not too far away. So, instead of changing frequently it’s better to choose the tire with the maximum capacity.

Choose car tires based on the year of manufacture of tires. It is better if you choose car tires, choose tires with a new year of manufacture. Because the quality is different from the old tires. Not only that, but the storage process can also be one very important consideration. When stored for a long time there could be a problem, for example, if the storage area is damp or in direct sunlight. Carefully choosing car tires, do not be too frugal to buy car tires, because the stakes are lives. Buy in an official and trusted place, because the tire will last longer and of course. Asking people who are more skilled in choosing car tires will be highly recommended.