Did you know that menu view has a big effect? It’s so important to the extent that there is work in the West there are designers and advisors on the menu. The look and what is written on the menu can make a person decide to eat in a restaurant and order more. Usually, the menu is designed to get people interested, just like an ad. The slightly manipulated part is about price. This is because the restaurant wants us to still feel buying food without overpriced. Generally, the menu designers use ways like eliminating zeros on their prices or using smaller numbers up front so we feel comfortable. Meanwhile, you may check out the Wynn buffet prices as well.

Restaurant coloring

Another way that can make visitors order a lot of food is to use warm colors, such as yellow, red and orange in the interior reactor. The color turned out to make people feel hungry. When we are hungry, we certainly want to eat a lot. That’s why some fast food restaurants use red and yellow in their logos and brands. In contrast, the color purple, green, and blue is a cool color that can suppress the appetite. No wonder these colors are rarely used in restaurants.

The dessert position is on the right

Ordering salads, vegetables, or fruits can make a person feel they have chosen a healthier diet. Well, usually a healthy menu is positioned on the left side of the menu. While looking to the left, the eye will also shift to the right. That’s where the dessert or dessert option is usually placed. This will make the visitor think “I just order a salad, then add sweet foods certainly does not matter”. Different if the dessert menu is placed near the main menu. Generally, people will think, this main course is a lot, why should add dessert? What a genius tactic, is not it? Well if you do not want to get stuck on this “trick”, do not order all at once. Wait 20 minutes after you eat before ordering another meal. It is the time the body needs to feel full. When you realize the above strategy, you can save your money, while keeping it from becoming overweight.

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