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For various lease term but the usual thing to do to rent property is by rent system per year. In particular residential property, we rent a lot with a system per year. Renting out a system per year will be a little difficult for us if we will raise the price at any time because we have to wait until the next year. In addition, many of us fail to manage the financial planning of property income when paid in each year. Meanwhile, you can visit Propertyagentsingapore.com.sg to know more about the finest properties in Singapore.

Renting with a monthly system is a rental system that you need to consider. In addition, we have the convenience to raise it at any time because of something, we can also easily allocate funds for each month for maintenance, insurance, and other things.

Selective To Prospective Tenants

Renting out property also has several risks including receiving a tenant. We must be selective to tenants, it is difficult to see the character of a person but at least we must be selective in choosing a tenant by knowing for sure the identity and purpose of hiring our property.

Knowing the identity and having the data clearly is the precaution we must take. This is to avoid if the tenants take actions that violate the law, we can become informants for law enforcement officers if necessary in addition to knowing clearly the tenant can also avoid abuse to the negative things.

Clear Contract Agreement

Make the contract agreement clear and already through the agreement between you and the tenant. So that we can prevent misunderstandings in the future. Make sure the lessee understands her responsibilities and obligations as well as us.

Using Money in the Deposit

To avoid damages that can occur due to tenant error. Deposit money is one trick you can do. So the lessee will be more careful when will use our property. Because we will take the deposit funds in case of damage outside the responsibility already stipulated in the contract agreement.

In addition, we also do not have to bother collecting tenants because of the damage that occurred. In addition, the tenant will also feel lucky because if there is no damage then the deposit money will we return fully to the tenants.