Here are three tips for giving gifts to children

Giving gifts to children is indeed an obligation of parents. There are many parents who feel confused about what gifts they will give to their children. whereas, now there are souvenir wholesale that can help you to choose what gifts are good and suitable for your child. the many types of gifts that are there make you free to choose what gift is right for the child.

Actually, there are a few tips that you can use to give the right gift for your child. Some of the tips referred to here are

1. Adjust to the age of the child
Try to choose a gift that matches your birthday.
Toy computers may be more suitable to be given to children aged 3 years and above than those who have their first birthday. Usually, on the wrapper, there is writing for age 3+
Dolls may be suitable for all ages, but note the type of doll that will be given, made of what the doll is. For example, do not give puppets made of ceramics to children

2. Educating
3-year-olds may be very happy to get a gun-gun toy gift, but not necessarily the toy has a good impact on the child’s development. It could be that he copied the violent scenes on television from the films he watched and could have fatal consequences. 3 years old, they want to go to school (some even have schooled), maybe it would be better if they were given gifts of stationery, reading books, and so on.
For children under 1 year, colored and sound-emitting toys are more suitable for training motorists.

3. Ensure the safety of the toy
Pay attention to the safety of toys before you buy. Check the paint used, preferably from non-toxic paint so it is not dangerous if bitten by your little one. Also, avoid being pointed and sharp because it can hurt accidentally.
You have to remember that you mustgive the soft toys to children under 1 year old, it because they often bite something. sometimes their toys hit their heads when the little one tilts his body. So if the toy is soft, hopefully, it doesn’t endanger it.