Hair Cut Gives Many Benefits

Regular hair clippers can prevent and deal with split ends. In addition, removing certain parts of the hair is believed to make hair healthier. In addition to preventing and dealing with split ends, routine hair clippers have a number of other benefits. To get the best haircuts, you can visit hair salons near me open now.

Hair has the outermost layer with the hardest texture, namely the cuticles. The function of the cuticle is to protect the inner layer of the hair (cortex). When styling is done such as curling, straightening, bleaching, or coloring, the cuticles can be damaged or exposed so that the cortex has a rough texture. That’s why hair can look rough, dull, and dry. Too often being exposed to chemicals from shampoo, air pollution, and sunlight can further weaken the cortex and eventually make the cortex broken so that the hair becomes broken.

This broken condition can occur in parts of the hair that are near the scalp or on the ends of the hair. Branched hair is a condition of hair breakage that occurs at the ends. Although certain hair conditioners can help surround the ends of the split ends, it still doesn’t really improve the structure of the hair. Then, what if the hair already branched? Don’t worry. It is recommended to routinely do hair clippers for 8-10 weeks which is useful for handling and preventing split ends.

There is an assumption that the more often you cut the ends of your hair, the longer your hair will get. Therefore, there are people who deliberately cut the ends of their hair once a month. In fact, hair grows to about half an inch long every month. This means that the total hair growth per year is only around 18 cm. Fast hair growth is more influenced by age, hair type, hormones, nutrition, hair health, and overall body health. Since hair health is an important factor to support hair growth, it is recommended to routinely cut hair every 6-8 weeks. In essence, if you want to lengthen hair, first make sure that the hair is in healthy condition. Cut only the damaged hair.