There are many people who believe that frankincense essential oil can be beneficial for the beauty of a person’s face. For other uses of frankincense essential oil, you can read on various uses of the oil ranging from health to beauty can you read on the website.

For beauty problems, there are many oils that can be used to deal with certain skin problems. However, all you need to remember is any oil that is approximately able to cure all the problems on your skin. Do not be arbitrary in choosing the oil because it will affect the skin of the face as a whole. Some of the oil below you can use to overcome various problems in the face.

1. Lavender
Apart from being a mosquito repellent and relaxant oil, lavender also has various benefits such as restoring skin elasticity, reducing acne and slowing the aging process caused by free radicals. If you use this oil as cleansing oil, then this oil is very appropriate to clean the rest of the makeup and dirt on all skin types.

2. Sandalwood
For those of you who have dry skin, this oil becomes the right answer. With alpha-santalol and beta-santalol content, this oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that help the skin look brighter and shrink the pores on the face.

3. Carrotseed
This oil is perfect for sensitive face owners. With carotene, and various vitamins such as vitamins A, E, and C, this oil will rejuvenate the skin, balancing the skin to make it moister and protect the skin from sunlight and even overcome the damage to the skin that is too often exposed to sun exposure.

4. Frankincense
The content of antioxidants in these oils can help regenerate facial skin. In addition, this oil can also reduce stains, black spots, and scars on your face. There is nothing wrong for you to use this oil on faces that are experiencing these problems. Especially, given that this oil is natural and contains no chemicals.

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