Find Your Partner Of Life In God Ways

Finding a life partner is something that everyone dreams of, especially if the pair that we find is very similar to ours Prayer for healing. However, sometimes it is difficult to find a mate to make us complain and think if God does not love us.

Someone who had done a miracle healing prayer request told me if he lost his enthusiasm for life because it was difficult to find a mate.

Though there are many ways we can learn to find a life partner.
The first thing that must be understood by Christians is what is meant by a mate and what God wants in choosing the right match.

This is because often Christians do not understand a good and good match before God. But just obeying your own thoughts.

Therefore, it is better to first know according to the Bible first, what God means by the character of a Christian according to God who comes from God.

When referring to the word of God, it is clear that what God wants when we look for a mate must be according to His word.
It is said that 2 Corinthians 6:14 says “Do not be an unbalanced partner with unbelievers. For what equation is there between truth and iniquity?
Or how can the light unite with the dark? “Obviously the verse of God in these words says that in finding a life partner must be balanced in various ways.
But what is emphasized again is that the chosen couple must be the same bright children or equal believers.

These are the basic things that are often not understood by some of God’s children so that they fall into marriages of different faiths.

From here, it is better for Christians to understand more clearly. In this world sometimes the selection of a mate is defeated by discrimination.

But God, in this case, asks His people to be firm. That it is not intolerable, but obeying God’s rules and will is an absolute thing that cannot be negotiated.

You should ask the leader for the purpose of the gift of the Holy Spirit in this case so that you are not wrong in making big enough decisions later.