Facebook encourages gamers to do live streams in their platform

Facebook is trying to attract gamers as creators of their content. The social media provider wants gamers to be willing to do live streaming videos while playing a game. For that, Facebook launched a partnership program with several gamers. In this program, gamers will be paid by the company to use all video streaming technology on Facebook Live. This method has been used by Facebook to news publishers and comedians, for example, The New York Times and Kevin Hart. Not only paid, that company will also provide a tip feature, at least 3 US dollars for Live Streaming on Facebook, as an appreciation for users to content creators. For now, the tip provider does not get privileges, but Facebook will consider it.

This is Facebook’s attempt to provide space for gamers and also game lovers on their social networks. The online gaming industry is very broad. Currently, there are an estimated 500 million people worldwide who love watching people play games, according to the Recode report.

Game streaming programs will bring Facebook to compete directly with YouTube and Twitch. Twitch itself is currently owned by Amazon since it was bought in 2014 with a price of 970 million US dollars.

Facebook’s attempt to enter the world of streaming games isn’t just this time. In 2016, Facebook worked with Blizzard to stream all Blizzard games through Facebook Live.

Facebook is also aggressively entering the e-sport industry, partnering with e-sports company Electronic Sports League to broadcast a number of Dota 2 and Counter-Strike game tournaments directly and exclusively.

However, it looks like this going to be tough, due to there are a lot of other platforms that may be more suitable for gaming live streams. Even though it doesn’t mean that Facebook will lose entirely, gamers do love the live stream platforms that are specially and exclusively made for gaming, so their viewers and fans can find and watch them play easily. Therefore, aside from the decent payment, Facebook needs a creative way to attract gamers to do live streams on their platform.