Do You Know The Differences Between Epoxy Paint And Coating?

Epoxy is a mixture of epoxy resin and hardener/catalyst. Both chemicals are mixed together before applying. After mixing there are a time and temperature limitation. If you want to give color to an epoxy coating, you need colored resin as desired. If not colored, it is called clear coating. Aside from that, you can call the Special Inspections Redlands CA when you need experts who can inspect your epoxy paint and coating professionally.

The application of epoxy coating can succeed and fail, just like the paint properties. But not completely paint-like, mixing the two chemicals starts a reactive process that creates chemical cross-linking when it dries. This cross-linking provides a very hard and durable surface, which will seal the concrete and make it resistant to abrasion as well as chemicals. How strong the durability and performance of the epoxy layer is usually determined by the quality and solid content of the epoxy used. Until here, you will understand the difference between paint and epoxy coating, right?

The ease of application and thickness of epoxy coating also depends on the volume of solid content. Usually displayed as a percentage. For example, 100% solid epoxy or 100% epoxy solids, this means 100% results will be obtained when the epoxy layer on the floor dries. For 50% solid epoxy or 50% epoxy solids, this means you will have a 50% yield when the epoxy coating on the floor dries. There are also types of epoxy coating that depend on fillers or fillers, namely water or solvents as solvents.

For example, 100% epoxy solids applied with rollers have an estimated thickness of wet film layers (WFT) of 10 mils. After drying, the thickness of the dry film (DFT) remains at 10 mils. While for solid epoxy 50% will experience a reduction in layer thickness when drying.

Furthermore, don’t be fooled into the name game in marketing when deciding what you want to apply to your floor. As you already understand, epoxy paint and epoxy coating mean the same thing. Both are epoxy coatings or legitimate if you want to call floor paint or epoxy floor paint.