Difference Between 3G And 4G Networks

Although 4G technology has long been launched, maybe some of us still don’t understand the difference between 3G and 4G LTE networks. To make it easier for us to understand it, here we will discuss how the development of the internet network from time to time. Our first generation internet is known as 1G or GPRS. This GPRS network speed can reach 14.4 Kbps. Furthermore, new innovations, namely the second generation, we are familiar with the term 2G which uses TDMA and CDMA networks and can reach speeds of 9-14 Kbps. If you want to know more about mobile broadband, you can visit etechno.org.

After these 2 generations, new technologies emerged, namely 2.5G with GPRS and EDGE networks, the speed increased to 20-40 Kbps.

The 3rd generation is 3G, where this technology uses CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, and EDGE networks with increasing speeds of 500 to 700 Kbps. There is another generation between 3G and 4G, this generation uses the HSPDA network with a high speed of 7.2 Mbps.

Now comes the 4th generation of technological innovation using Wi-Fi, WiMax, and LTE networks. The speed of 4G internet access is fairly fast, which is 100Mbps.

If your cellphone and card already support the 4G network, then when you are in the 4G coverage area, 4G will appear next to the signal. For that, you need to check the coverage area, sim card and your mobile device. Currently, the latest HP products already have capabilities in the LTE network. Moreover, there are so many available at very affordable prices.

4G technology using the LTE network stands for Long Term Evolution. The maximum speed achieved for downloads is 299.6 Mbps and for upload speeds of 75.4 Mbps. However, as I quoted from several sites, this speed is limited according to existing regulations. As we know that, each country has its own rules and its own way of managing wide network bands. Like reports published by Opensignal, Singapore and South Korea became the fastest and most stable countries. This happens because their country has a very good internet infrastructure.