Coral Reefs Benefits For Humans

Coral reefs are one of the marine biotas that need to be conserved. Countries that have coral reefs are beginning to increase conservation activities of marine ecosystems before they are more severely damaged. Damage to the marine ecosystem can be caused by humans who are too selfish to seek profits from the sea without thinking about the effects. Conservation of the marine ecosystem can be started by introducing the contents of the sea. Swim with whale sharks is one step to disseminate information to tourists about the sea and its contents. This step is usually given on sea tour packages. This activity does not interfere with the life of whale sharks at all, so it is safe to do. Of course, accompanied by professionals who really understand whale sharks.

Why do coral reefs need to be preserved? There are many benefits that coral reefs can provide for human life, including:

– Protect smaller marine animals
The existence of coral reefs supports the lives of various types of living things in the sea. Coral reefs are a place to live, find food, and breed various marine life. Animal and marine life will be damaged if the coral reefs are not properly maintained. That is, this affects their lives.

– Reducing global warming
The sea can help the forest to absorb carbon dioxide gas. Through chemical reactions and coral rocks, carbon dioxide will be converted into lime which is the raw material of the reef. In this process called calcification, corals are aided by zooxanthellae, a one-celled plant that lives in the body’s tissues.

– Helps facilitate research at sea
Coral reefs can provide benefits in educational activities, especially to get to know coastal ecosystems, to know marine plants and animals, and to love nature education.

– Food Source
Coral reefs become a place to live and breed various marine biota. Not a few of these biotas are then used as food sources by humans. Like seaweed that is used as gelatin, various types of fish, shrimp, crabs, and sea cucumbers.