The smartphone and tablets have become some parts of our modern lives. They provide us a way to communicate with each other, the internet, and also the apps and games that will us solve some problems and to get rid of boredom from our mind. Unfortunately, these pieces of gadgets can be quite bad sometimes. Although the positive effects of using the gadgets can be very pleasant for our lives, the negatives impacts of spending your time too much with smartphones and gadgets excessively can be quite dangerous. Using the new technology too much can cause you to ruin your social life and destroy a lot of career opportunity as well.

Here are some ways to control yourself from using gadget excessively:

Delete your games and unnecessary apps

Games and some apps can absorb your time a lot. You definitely need to be careful when you’re spending your time playing some games or socializing with the social media. Although the games are fun, there are still other exciting activities that can be more beneficial for the health of your mind and body. On the other hand, socializing on the social media isn’t really social after all. Meet with new friends and join a community with the same hobby of yours can be a good idea, and deleting your games and apps can be a fine first step in order to do so. If it’s too hard for you to delete all of your games, just delete all of them but one, and the last game should be a simple offline game which won’t take your attention too much, but it’s still entertain you when you’re getting bored.

Go outside and meet with new communities with the same interest

If you love a comic or a movie, you can go out there and find a community that loves the same thing as yours. On the other hand, if you love bowling or a music instrument, there must be a community around you which love the same sport or musical instrument. It might be hard and awkward at first, but once you’ve seen the same interest with those new people, you’ll do it just fine with them.

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