Can People With Tattoos Become Blood Donors?

There are many people who routinely donate blood. Because, besides being considered to have helped others, there is a myriad of benefits of blood donation that you can get for free from a blood donor. Even so, it turns out that not everyone can donate blood. One of them is a tattooed person who is not a blood donor. Why can’t they? In the meantime, you may need to visit the best laser tattoo removal denver co whenever you decide to get rid of your tattoo from your skin.

Are tattooed people not blood donors?

Actually, it’s fine for blood donors even though they have tattoos. With a note, the tattoo attached to your body is at least more than six months old, according to the Redcross in South East Asia. It will be safer again if the tattoo has entered the age of one year or more.

Not only for people who have tattoos, but this rule also applies to those of you who have piercings or enter non-medical foreign material into the body.

All of these things have special reasons because inserting any object, whether its metal, ink or other foreign matter into the body, can affect your immune system. Including blood circulation throughout the body.

Blood donation is prohibited if you have just been tattooed

Tattooing, piercing, and inserting other foreign objects into the body can cause harm to the body. Because, it does not rule out the possibility that there will be a number of viruses, bacteria, and infections that are carried from these foreign objects into your bloodstream.

This creates an opportunity for the body to contract or transmit hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, and so on, and it will increase. Meanwhile, there are supporting reasons why someone who has a tattoo is highly recommended to wait 6-12 months before donating blood.

This is because if your body has been attacked by a blood-borne disease, the body’s antibodies that are attacked will begin to be seen for about 12 months. That is why you still have the possibility to transmit the disease through a blood donor.