For those who are running a diet program, choosing a diet such as vegetables and fruits for the right diet needs to be done to support the diet program to be thin. The goal is that you do not limp while on the move and diet program, you can succeed without interruption from the aspect of food.

But you also need to know the fruits of the diet, Fruits that are rich in vitamin C are the most recommended fruit for consumption when dieting. In addition to eating directly, you can also eat fruit by processing it into a smoothie with the help of the best smoothie maker. Therefore, here are five fruits for a fast diet that you can consume.

1. Melon Fruit Diet for 3 Days
Melon fruit is a good fruit for the diet because the water content contained in the melon is able to fill the stomach without having to produce fat, besides by often consume melon the digestion also more smoothly. With a smooth digestion, of course, the food you consume is not buried in the first stomach. It is recommended to keep the portion. You can consume melon fruit for dietary intake for 3 days.

2. Apples suitable for a strict diet
Apples into fruits are highly recommended for consumption when strict diet, this is because apples contain many nutrients to the body. If you’re one of those people who is running a mayo diet, then the apple becomes a highly recommended fruit to be your diet menu.

3. Watermelon for variations of fruit diet a week
Vitamin A and vitamin C are present in the watermelon content and contain high fiber, making this fruit a suitable food for your healthy diet for a week. This refreshing fruit can also delay hunger and digestion. Automatic Watermelon always comes in fruits recommendation for a lean fast diet.

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