Benefit Of Natural Stone Cheese Board

A cheese board is kitchen equipment that is quite important, especially when there is a dinner party and you invite several friends and colleagues to home. With so many choices of cheeseboard material, determining the best might be confusing, however, it has been proven that the best cheese boards are made of slate and marble. Even though it is made of natural stone, you can safely use this type of stone as a cheese board because you can serve a variety of foods in these natural stones. By using natural stones, you will serve cheese in an unconventional way because the commonly used cheese board is made of wood. With the darkness of the color of the slate and the white color of the marble will highlight the contrast so that your dish will look much more attractive.

By coated with food-grade mineral oil, of course, your cheeseboard will look shiny and durable. This layer also protects your cheese board from excess oil or foods with high acid levels. Without a special layer, the cheeseboard will look darker and the stain will be difficult to remove and this will certainly damage your cheeseboard appearance. This layer also protects your cheese board from dishwashing detergents so it’s safe to use to serve food.

The character of natural stones such as slates and strong marble is certainly a guarantee that the cheese board you use will last for a long time. Cheese boards with natural stone material also have high heat retention so that the food temperature will be well maintained and not easily changed. If you want you could even pre-heated the stone to serve warmer food so it would stay warm longer. You also do not have to worry about scratch because slate and marble are not easily scratched especially when coated with mineral oils.