Beginners Must Know These Tips Before They Play Kayak

Kayaking equipment consists of a kayak, paddle, and safety and security equipment. One can be used by 1-3 rowers, so if you don’t dare to be alone, you can take your friend who has a higher flight time. The wider the size, the longer the oar. The most basic difference between kayaks and canoes is oars. Sports canoes use single-headed oars, while kayaks use double heads. For safety and security equipment, it is important for you to use a float, helmet if the terrain that you are going to pass is rocky, and dry bag if there is electronic equipment that you carry. On the other hand, perhaps you also need to check out the best Kayak Parts for Sale for your own kayaking needs.

Learn How to Enter & Exit Kayak

Techniques for ways to get into and out the kayak is something that you must learn, different places of different techniques. If you play kayak on the lake, you can hold the edge of the dock until your feet enter and your body can be balanced above, the way out you can learn first on the dock, pull your knees out of the steering wheel, keep shifting to the sitting position on the dock.

If it is in the sea it is even more complicated, because there is no place to lean the kayak to a dock on the lake. You have to position it at the end of the water. Hold the paddle and the back of the chair with both hands, then center your weight on the paddle, insert your legs and body slowly into the kayak. To exit, do the opposite.

Rowing Technique

Before rowing, you have to make sure you can sit comfortably and stabilize your kayak. Hold the paddle with your thumb facing down. Follow your body when paddling so that your arms, back, and shoulders are not tense. The oars come out of the water when the hands reach the hips, then repeat for the other side.

When you want to turn, the best technique is to sweep the paddle wider on the side you want. Paddles widen on one side of the kayak, until they touch the back of the boat, do it repeatedly until the boat turns.