Smartphones are still the best selling portable gadget to date. Supported by an open operating system, like Android, makes it easier for many game developers and app developers to play an active role in creating games or apps for Android smartphones. This is further facilitated by the presence of market applications such as the Google Play Store that holds various applications and games that are ready to be downloaded. Unfortunately, when you have successfully downloaded a game from the Google Play Store, the game can not be played smoothly. Maybe even you are a little curious because in your friend’s smartphone a game can be played while on your smartphone the game cannot be played. For that, you must be smart in choosing and downloading games for Android so you can play on your favorite smartphone with comfort. In the meantime, visit if you want to get more news about the games for Android.

Here are tips on choosing and downloading games for Android android games that you can try when you are exploring and intend to download games from the Play Store.

Selecting Games in General

Many people still think that good and interesting games are games that have great data, detailed graphics and perfect, or games created by a well-known developer. In fact, the open operating system on Android makes many producers continue to be creative and not too focused on data, or graphics. As a result, you must be observant about choosing android games on the Play store because the game is good at this time more emphasize the storyline of the game interesting and not boring.

Selecting Game Based on Graphics Type and Processor

Many beginners who choose android games in terms of display screenshot it only. If it looks interesting will be directly downloaded. Though not just any smartphone can play high-quality graphics games. even if forced then the game you download will run broken – broken or lag, most severe cannot be played. Therefore you should recognize more in your smartphone specs.

Some android games require stable processor capabilities. The average top class android game also requires dual core processor requirements even until there is a quad core. With a stable processor, there will be no lag or game broken when you play the game.

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