Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO

SEO implementation is arguably not a new thing you know. Almost every day we use it to search for information through the internet, such as opening Google using certain keywords. You can ask help from a local seo expert.

In essence, SEO is centered on providing interesting content, both for visitors and search engines.

However, sometimes when writing content the two conditions cannot be maximally implemented. Content that is intended for SEO purposes may not be too comfortable to be read by visitors, as a result, the user experience is not too much attention.

SEO advantages:

Bring visitors for free. The higher your website ranking is on the search engine, the more visitors you get.
Cut advertising costs. If you succeed in improving your website ranking on the search page automatically the existence of your website is more easily found which also reduces the budget for advertising.
Easy to be famous. If your website is ranked well, people will remember the website address and come back by typing your website URL without going through a search engine intermediary.
There is a software/website support for optimization including keyword research, ranking updates and optimization suggestions to be ranked first.
Lack of SEO:

Requires patience and a long time. You must experience monitoring of the SEO optimization process and its development periodically so that your website reaches good rankings and maintains it.
Website ranking decreases. If there are other websites that have pages with content that is more relevant, complete and answers to the needs of search engine users, it is possible that your website rank will drop.
Many technical / non-technical things that you must master to find out what factors can cause your website ranking to get a good ranking or vice versa.
Always update the search engine algorithms that can change at any time so that your website still follows the rules and has good performance.
Intense competition. If your website provides important information or is used for online businesses, then the more difficult to do the optimization because many websites want to occupy the top rank by doing SEO.