A Comparison Between Dashcams And Action Cams

A dashcam is also a recording device. Unlike the action camera, a dashcam is more intended for recording on the dashboard of the car. The battery paired on the dashcam is very small and only lasts a few seconds. However, when the dashcam is plugged into the power outlet, the dashcam can operate non-stop. Dashcam also has a loop feature that allows overwriting stored data with new non-stop recording. A shock sensor is also available which serves to secure recordings when the shock occurs so as not to overwrite. This feature allows to record important events to be stored and can be used as evidence (eg accidents or for insurance claims). In the meantime, you might visit https://vdashcam.com if you want to buy the best dashcams online.

On the other hand, action cameras are similar to handicaps, usually even more resistant to shocks or can be used in water (most underwater cases are sold separately). The Action Camera is also equipped with mounting to be mounted on a tripod/bipod, helmet, dashboard, and so on. Action cameras are equipped with enough batteries to record activities, usually lasting 4-7 hours, depending on specifications.

Which one is better?

Depend on the requirement. If used on a car dashboard, a dashcam can certainly provide more benefits. Even so, the high-end camera action is also equipped with a car mode feature that functions as a dashcam, for example, equipped with a shock and loop sensor feature. To remember, the action camera has a large enough battery so that recording can be done for 4-7 hours without being plugged in. If plugged in, of course, it can also operate non-stop. However, it might not be good for battery life and might get hot. Not to mention the sun’s heat from the windshield which might damage or even make the battery explode. In conclusion, if paired on the dashboard, a dashcam is a wise choice.

If used for outdoor or outdoor activities that are far from the power outlet, the action camera is certainly more suitable because it is designed for that and has a battery that lasts 4-7 hours. While the dashcam can only last a few seconds even though it can be tricked by plugging in the power bank but of course reducing practicality.