5 Traveling tips to the Middle East

Middle East region with all its beauty, is now one of the tourist destinations that must be visited.¬†how to learn basic arabic language¬† Before you enjoy the exoticism of the place, there’s no harm in seeing the following traveling tips from us below. In the meantime, we recommend you to find a good online arabic learning center to learn the basics of Arabic, so you can at least have a decent level of conversation in the Middle East.

1. Pay attention to how to dress

Although countries in the Middle East have hot weather, it’s better to leave your mini skirt and tanktop at home. Make sure you choose clothes that are more closed and polite but with light materials like chiffon or satin. If you want to visit a religious place, don’t forget to cover your hair with a stylish scarf or scarves.

2. Ignore the Temptation of Men

Natives of the country, surely know you are a tourist and maybe they will tease you. If that happens, don’t look at the men and keep walking. But if they keep following you, respond to the word ‘Imshi!’ (Go!) Or ‘Hsuma!’ (You should be ashamed!).

3. Do not show off public intimacy

When traveling to a new country, you will definitely feel safer with the presence of a lover or husband beside. But remember, people in the Middle East country are still relatively conservative and highly uphold politeness. So it’s better that you don’t spoil, hold hands, hug, even kiss in public, because it can cause problems for your vacation.

4. Avoid Entering the Men’s Area

In Middle Eastern countries, men and women tend to live separately. If you want to eat in a cafe or coffee shop, make sure the place is not filled with men. In addition, when you enter a place of worship, you also have to be in the women’s section.

5. Visit Women-only Places

When on vacation in the Middle East, you have special access to relax in the ‘women’s world’. After being tired of the heat of the weather, treat yourself to a soak in a ‘hammam’ or women’s bath. When the body and mind are refreshed, have fun by attending belly dance classes in the area.