5 Things You Must Think Before Buying a Car

Many people want to have a luxury car, but usually, because of the high price of cars, people switch to renting. Prestige car rental london is one of the places that provide luxury car rentals at reliable prices. Many people associate a person’s level of establishment with owning a private car. The assessment is indeed not wrong, because the price of a car is not cheap. But do not let this assessment make you ‘forced’ to have a car even though your financial condition is not very possible to have it. There are indeed many easy ways you can have a car, for example by using a car loan facility that makes the payment process easier. But think about it, there are still many other things you also need to think about after you own the car later. So, think about this before you have a car.

1. Vehicle Parking at Home

After buying a car, you will take the car home and put it in your garage or yard. But what happens if you don’t have an adequate garage or yard? Park the car, of course, must be careful, because the risk of theft and damage becomes large if parked carelessly. So think about whether you should have a car or expand your house first.

2. Parking fees

Not only are the prices of goods getting more expensive, but parking fees have also increased. Usually, some public places charge hourly parking. If the parking fee is getting bigger, are you ready?

3. Gasoline and Toll Costs

With this traffic jam, the money needed for your car’s gasoline must increase, then because of traffic, you will choose to take the toll road to avoid traffic. We assume you only use the car for work because if you use it for travelling, of course, the expenditure will be even greater. Gasoline and toll costs also greatly affect monthly expenses, it should be thought of better.

4. Service Fees

As a car owner and user, you want your car to always be in a fit and comfortable condition to using. Therefore you will service the car and this will increase your expenses. There are 2 types of services, namely regular service and additional service if your car has a problem. These service costs vary, can be cheap and can also be expensive depending on the service period or how much damage must be serviced.

5. Car Insurance Costs

If you just bought a car, especially if you pay by instalments, the condition of the car must always be maintained so that it remains good because it will be very frustrating if your car is dented or damaged. Besides, if there is an accident or damage to the car, the costs you need to repair it