Today, Technology is undeniable to be present due to the development done far before. One that is touted as the presence of various new technologies is 1980. Within that period, a number of technological inventions and developers managed to reach its peak. Not a few products that exist today is the result of the development of the year. 1987 is the birthday for many technology products.

1. Windows 2.0

First introduced on December 9, 1987, Windows 2.0 from Microsoft is a very popular operating system. Windows 2.0 is the first Windows that allows application windows to accumulate icons on the desktop, including graphics support VGA (16 colors).

Nevertheless, the journey of this operating system is not completely smooth. Apple once sued for Windows 2.0 because it is considered too similar to the Macintosh. But the lawsuit did not work because Microsoft called Apple has given permission to create derivative works from MacOS and Mac programs.

2. Apple IIGS
Technically, this device was introduced at the end of 1986. But the popularity of personal computer (PC) is new uphill in 1987 and became one of the most sought after products.

IIGS is also Apple’s first computer that uses a color user interface and corrugated chip syncsis for sound. When first introduced this computer is priced at US $ 999.

3. Tomy Omnibot 2000
Long before the development trend of home robots, in 1987 there was actually a robot intended for similar purposes. The popular robot in the mid-1980s was the Omnibot 2000 made by Tomy, a Japanese company known for making children’s toys and knick-knacks.

Although not equipped with artificial intelligence, the robot is able to play music through cassette tape, alarm clock, and bring a drink with his arm. To work, this remote controlled robot uses two AA batteries.

4. Motorola PMR 2000
Paging has indeed been introduced since 1949, but the biggest technological leap occurred in 1987. At that time, the Motorola PMR 2000 pager was present which had the ability to send alphanumeric messages up to 1,950 characters.

Although only 32 characters can be displayed on the screen for once, but the presence of this pager can be said to change how to communicate at the time. Previously, the highest version of the pager was only able to display phone numbers that can be contacted.

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