3 Ways To Wash Hairy Carpets You Need To Know

Carpet or furry carpet is a type of carpet that is different from other carpets. This carpet will require special care because it is made of a material that is more sensitive and prone to dust. With this much higher absorption ability, it makes the fur carpet easier to absorb dirt, liquid and so on. Therefore, fur rugs need to be washed in a certain amount of time. Due to it is made from selected materials and is quite vulnerable, washing fur rugs must be done very carefully. In the meantime, call the trusted tile cleaning north shore if you wish to hire the professionals for cleaning your carpets.

The following is how you can wash hairy carpets, namely:

Sprinkle powder. Washing hairy carpets are actually very simple. You don’t even need to wash it using clean water in general. Because washing carpets by soaking are also not the right step. The way you can do this is by sprinkling carpet cleaning powder products. Sprinkle thoroughly and just enough.

Let stand a few moments. Powder that has been sprinkled and then let stand a few moments so that the powder can really react and lift stubborn stains.

Cleaning powder. After 30 minutes, you can only clean the powder using a vacuum cleaner. How easy is that?

In addition, there are also two simple ways to treat hairy carpets:

Using baby powder

Did you know that powder, especially baby powder, cannot only function to scent the body but can also be one of the carpet cleaning agents? The steps you need to do are also quite simple. Sprinkle baby powder on the stained carpet and the stain will slowly disappear. Not only that, but your carpet will also be more fragrant.

Drying the carpet

Just like mattresses, carpets also need to be dried in a certain amount of time. This is done so that the carpet does not become damp and moldy. The best time to dry is of course during the day so that all germs and bacteria disappear. Place the carpet in the area exposed to sunlight. Dry the carpet for several hours, then put it back into the house.